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Isager Aran Tweed

ISAGER ARAN TWEED is a chunky single ply yarn with a rugged structure. It is well suited for thick outdoor sweaters and also works really well used for soft furnishings such as plaids and pillow, not least when worked together with Silk Mohair. Worked together with either Silk Mohair or Alpaca 1 the yarn works really well in scarves and hats.

Isager yarns are classic yarns for hand knitting, machine knitting, crochet and embroidery. All yarns are made from pure natural fibers, and the undyed yarns are well suited for plant dyeing. Several yarn bases are suitable for machine knitting and can be used together when knitting textured or multi colored patterns. All yarns are suitable for felting.

The color range is chosen so that all colors match- also across yarn qualities. Isager rarely changes their color range, as it consists of basic colorways, which will always contain trend colors.

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